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Earlier this year, the world of work changed almost overnight and the effects of Covid-19 mean that for lots of people, working from home is the new norm.

In the UK, more than 60% of the adult population is working from home and it seems that the future workplace is likely to never look the same again.

But in most cases, lack of space can be an issue.  Working from the dining table, settee or even for some people, their bed isn’t the most ideal long term solution.

He shed, she shed!

One option that many people are starting to consider, is refurbishing their shed into a garden office.   A garden office offers a decent solution as right from the start of the day it offers you something similar to your normal commute (only difference is it’s just a 30 second one). This is important as that brief walk down to the end of your garden marks a clear psychological difference between where you work and where you live. You feel like you’ve ‘gone to work’ rather than merely sat up in bed and wedged your laptop onto a pillow.

Things to consider:

If the building has been sitting unused or unloved for some time, the first thing to do is repair any issues that the structure might have. This includes fixing leaky roofs, wood rot, broken windows or uneven floorboards.

Fitting PVC-U windows and doors in the shed helps to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Patio doors in particular can improve access to and from the garden and allows plenty of natural light to enter the building.

Dress up the floors with a choice vinyl tile. More than an added appeal, this will help protect your floors from damages like its worst enemy – water.  Use a polyethene vapour barrier to provide a blockade to moisture and prevent plant growth.

After the shed has been repaired and is watertight you can paint it to give the structure an updated look.  You’ll also need some sort of power for heating, lighting and tech.  Running electricity from the main house to a shed is a job for a fully trained electrician – do not try to do this yourself.

Once you’ve got of all the practical elements sorted, pay attention to the interior – after all it’s just as important as it what it looks like on the outside.  Pinterest is a wonderful app to spend time researching and looking for ideas… we will warn you though, be prepared to lose a few hours, Pinterest is very addictive!

If you have houseplants, incorporate them in your makeshift home office by positioning them in or near your workspace. Simply being able to see living plants has been linked with added creativity and is one of the many benefits of introducing sustainably-minded elements into your working environment.

Think the garden office is for you, but not sure where to start? We can be as involved in the project as you want us to be with the option to bring in interior designers and other specialists if needed or we can simply do the tasks you ask us to do.

Since the beginning of the outbreak and subsequent lockdown, we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we remain compliant with the current restrictions and Government advice.  More information on how we are currently operating can be found here.

Find out how we could support you: or call us on 0330 113 1117 today!

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